Why does sugar cane turn red?

Why does sugar cane turn red? I believe that there are still many friends who don’t know why sugar cane turns red. Then the following small series will sort out some related content for everyone, so let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.

Why does sugar cane turn red?

The reddening of sugarcane stems is mainly affected by two factors, the local climate and the plant pathogens in the planting area. In the early spring of the southern region, the temperature gradually warmed up and the air was damp, which was the period when the plant pathogens began to be active, and the sugarcane pathogens were no exception.

Sugar cane stems are red, and rot and deterioration usually occur in this season. This is because the pathogens such as sugarcane pineapple disease or red rot invade the sugarcane stem through the wormholes such as chopper wounds or cane toads. After 3 to 5 days, the incision or wound becomes red, and then spreads to the ends of the cane stem, and the cane stem is longitudinally cut. It can be seen that the internal tissues become red or reddish brown; in severe cases, pineapple, distiller’s taste and hot and sour taste are produced.

There is also a situation in which sugar cane turns red, and sugar cane grows abnormally during growth. Sugar cane itself contains pigments, its skin is red, and its leaves are green. If sugar cane cracks when it grows, the meat inside may turn red. This red-striped sugar cane can be eaten.

How to choose high quality sugar cane

1, choose not to bend the sugar cane to choose relatively straight, do not choose those curved cane. Curved sugar cane is likely to be lodging, and then grow up after it has fallen. Such a sugar cane may have a sweetness and a bad taste due to a healing process.

2, choose black does not choose red For black skin cane, to choose the cane skin is relatively dark, the darker the better. Don’t choose those that have reddish cane skin, and the reddish sweetness is not enough. Of course, the red-skinned variety cannot be distinguished in this way. The more red, the better. Whether it is green cane or black skin cane, the color of the cane skin should be uniform.

3, choose yellow does not choose white Sugar cane from white to yellow, generally white fleshy sweetness is low, while yellowish is sweeter, therefore, to buy meaty yellow.

4, choose not to choose a root cane, if you only choose a part, you must select the part, do not choose the tip and root, the tip is not sweet enough; the root is relatively hard, the taste is not good, it is more dirty, may also sweet.

Can sugar cane be red?


The redness of sugarcane stems is caused by the fermentation of sugarcane stems during storage or the occurrence of red rot and slightly rot. In the fermentation or disease, a variety of mycins are often produced. When people eat this toxin, they may cause dizziness, vomiting and other poisoning diseases, which seriously endanger people’s health, so do not eat reddish sugar cane stems.