Yogurt drinks too much, easy to fat

Interviewed experts: Nutritionist, Beijing Chaoyang Hospital

In life, many people love to drink yogurt, but there is something that everyone does not know, fat people should drink less yogurt.

People often think that drinking yogurt helps to lose weight. This is because yogurt contains active lactic acid bacteria, which can effectively regulate the balance of intestinal flora and relieve constipation, while long-term constipation leads to weight gain. In addition, if you use yogurt instead of junk food when you are slightly hungry, you can not only satisfy your appetite, but also reduce your energy intake.

However, if a fat person drinks too much yogurt, it will affect weight loss. Yogurt is made from milk and contains all the nutrients of fresh milk, but the energy is higher than milk. In general, 100 grams of milk contains 54 kilocalories, while yogurt is 72 kilocalories. Even for skimmed yogurt, 57 kilocalories per 100 grams of energy, and flavored yogurt is higher, with 88 kilocalories per 100 grams. The main reason why yogurt energy is higher than milk is that a lot of sugar is added during the processing. Especially low-fat, skim yogurt, because the fat content is low, the taste will be worse, in order to ensure the taste, the manufacturer will add more sugar in the yogurt. Moreover, because there is no fat in the skim yogurt, the feeling of fullness will be lowered, and people will soon feel hungry and want to eat.

Therefore, fat people can drink yogurt in moderation, but also pay more attention to methods. It is recommended that obese and overweight people can use their own skim milk to make yogurt, and add a little fruit to improve the taste. Some people like to drink a lot of yogurt after eating, which is equivalent to the extra intake of these energy, but may cause weight gain. It is recommended that fat people drink yogurt in an hour before meals, only 1 cup each time, can increase satiety and reduce the amount of food for the next meal.

Some people only drink yogurt to eat other foods in order to lose weight, but from a nutritionally balanced point of view, it is very likely that malnutrition is not good for health and weight loss.